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W. van de Haterd

William van de Haterd

My name is William van de Haterd.
Started my career in sales (retail), but soon discovered this was not my future, I made a move to (paper) wholesale. Still in sales though. Feeling at home within the business, I soon got promoted to sales manager. Not only managing sales, but also involved in ERP improvements in the system (AS400). The company I worked for was part of a European group of paper merchants. The whole group was accuired in 2003 by an Australian based company, making it one of the biggest paper merchants in the world with companies around the globe. During the Due Diligence period they realised all these paper merchants had their own ERP system. For integration (and costing) purposes, this had to change and a project team was formed from within the business to replace all these systems by one uniform ERP system. The decision was made to use IBS (currently known as Iptor) as the new ERP system, across Europe. Due to my extensive experience within the business at that point, knowing the processes that take place within the paper wholesale business and my affinity with IT, I decided to join the project team. As a project team we got our first ERP implementation experience doing our project in Germany. Getting to known IBS and writing Requirement Documents was our biggest challenge at that time. After Germany, we created a kind of Blue Print, we could use going forward. See Project section for more details. Although the 'paper-less' office was a often heared topic, it wasn't untill the crisis (starting in 2008) that sales collapsed. This resulted in many individual companies worldwide from being sold and eventually to bankruptcy of the European Holding for which I worked. This happened halfway 2015.
Now what ? I'm a bachelor of Marketing, should I go back in sales (or marketing) or should I try to continue my ERP career (which fits me like a glove). I decided to go for ERP, but soon found out that IBS was not an experience which had a big demand. After some time I got the chance to work for Cegeka (a Microsoft Gold Partner and part of the inner circle.) This was my first experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Due to personal reasons I decided to switch to another employer after just 1 year at Cegeka. Still thankfull for the oppertunity and training I received at Cegeka. Our paths divided in good harmony.
Currently (from June 2017) I work for Kaya consulting and am an offical Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) for Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution & Trade. MCP

Down to earth and pragmatic. Knows how to motivate and involve people In the policy. Provides a stimulating and enthusiastic working environment and is ambitious and result oriented. Flexible work setting with commitment and open to different cultures. Can build good teams and gather good people around him. Good analytical ability. Faithful and reliable. A go-getter who wants to achieve with and within the organization. Good technical understanding and eager to learn.


"Not everyone thinks the way you think, knows the things you know, believes the things you believe, nor acts the way you would act. Remember this and you will go a long way in getting along with people."

Arthur Forman

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